Tiny Vermeil Beads

I received the following question regarding tiny vermeil (silver plated with gold) beads:

"I have not found a good wholesale supplier and the wonderful local store that I get them from can only get them sporadically and lately I have had customers complain that the vermeil plating wears off quickly. Do you have any suggestions or leads?"

Answer: Tiny vermeil beads are hard to find. I bought my last batch at Kamol, but they are only present during the shows and DO not have a website.
Here are a couple of online places which carry them:
Thailand e-mart: my favorite new supplier for thai vermeil, reasonable prices and good service. www.Shiana.com: beautiful stuff, but prices a little high.
When choosing tiny vermeil beads, avoid the ones that have sharp edges, giving preference to rounder shapes. The sharp edges rub against surfaces more easily and tend to wear off the gold.

If you know a reliable source of tiny vermeil beads, write to me!

2007, ArchiveEni Oken