Seafoam and Paella Cuffs

Today I got the following question via email:

"I have purchased the coiled bangle tutorial and can't wait to start. I'm very much wanted to also do pieces like the seafoam cuff and eventually the pink paella cuff. Can you suggest other tutorials that would help me understand the construction of these pieces?"

This is what I replied, it might help to understand how those two pieces were constructed:
There are currently no tutorials showing how to construct the paella and the seafoam cuffs, however, this is how they were create:

The paella cuff is essentially the same as the coiled bangle, except there are TWO rows of beads. There were constructed parallel to each other and then connected by spiraled S-shaped pieces of wire, which are woven as you coil the sides.

The seafom is a totally different construction than the paella cuff, in that the beads are not strong to a core wire, instead, two outer thicker wires are shaped in wavy forms, and then attached together with beads, using thinner wire.

2007, ArchiveEni Oken