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I'm Eni Oken, artist and author of hundreds of articles, tutorials and books in print and online. For over 30 years I've explored art, color theory, fantasy and ornamental design.

Certified Zentangle® Teacher

Certified Zentangle® Teacher

Ruby Red Bumblebee ring

I have received lately quite a few emails asking how to make the interesting Ruby Red Ring with bumblebee. This ring was created as a variation of the Ornate Ring, with the following differences:

1) Instead of a coin or cab stone, a fat rondelle was used. To attach the rondelle to the setting, slip a seed bead and a daisy spacer onto a piece of wire. Slip both ends of the wire through the rondelle and pull one end to each side. Then attach each wire end at opposite sides of the setting.

2) Substitute one of the spiral settings for a small charm -- in this case a bumblebee.

3) The spirals were kept shallow and far apart, allowing plenty of room to add larger 3mm beads in between.

4) The setting was created larger than the size of the rondelle, which allowed room to fill up with mismatched silver beads.

Original Ornate ring:

Ruby Red ring variation:

YOJ 2007 Week 19 - Woman Necklace

Holding a piece while working