Light and Shadow

Metaphors and Passive income: apparently two very distinct ingredients, how can they live in the same blog? Material and Spiritual, Ying and Yang, Light and Shadow, Body and Soul. Can’t have one without the other. Have you notice how the contrast between the light and shadow makes the light brighter? Spiritual greatness is only enhanced when compared with material abundance. Science and magic. The last two hundred years have seen the strongest dichotomy between these two sides of the same coin. Heads and tails. How can you separate one from the other?

If someone boasted being in search for spiritual enlightenment through material gain, they would be duped a fraud, a con artist. However, each one of us accepted the mission of coming here, in search of enlightenment and growth, in this MATERIAL environment. With these MATERIAL REQUIREMENTS.

The new phenomenon of The Secret is the first PUBLICLY ACCEPTED movement to show a possible reconciliation between the two enemies. For the first time, it’s OK to aspire to want things, objects and money, without selling your soul. Numerous other spiritual practices before The Secret advocated similar ideas, but they were generally discarded by larger audiences.

Accept that wanting to have a better material life is part of the challenge of living, of evolving, of growing. It’s OK to balance spiritual growth with material abundance! (And did you notice that I emphasized the word "balance"...)