Unicorn Pendant Tutorial

Ok, now you know what I've been so *busy* with lately: besides working on commissions, writing my own tutorials and maintaining the website, I've also been working non-stop on editing and publishing Guest Artist Sandy Hendrickson's tutorial on how to make the gorgeous Unicorn Pendant.

Here's a secret: when Sandy first submitted her entry to the WWJ Fantasy, Myth and Magic contest, I fell in love immediately with the pendant and decided to ask the artist to work on a collaborative tutorial when the contest was over. I was NOT surprised when it snagged BEST OF SHOW! (Note: I was not a judge and had no influence whatsoever on the judges' decisions -- all entries were confidential).


We both put an enormous effort into making this tutorial happen: Sandy took hundreds of pictures and wrote detailed instructions for me. I edited the pics in Photoshop, manipulated the extensive text and published the entire thing. It took us months!

One of my next tasks is going to be to make a unicorn pendant myself -- I already ordered the materials for it, and soon enough I shall try my hand... I already even have a recipient for the first pendant, a dear friend. The question is: will I be able to make ONLY one? :-)

2006, ArchiveEni Oken