The business of business

There just aren't enough hours in a day. This is a list of the things I am working on now:

1) Finishing up the last touches on a special tutorial, made in partnership with a fantastic artist and which will be released in one or two weeks;

2) Working on editing several of my own tutorials;

3) Working on a whole bunch of jewelry commissions;

4) Working on several new jewelry designs;

5) Working on re-doing one bangle which had the core wire snapped (read more about this below);

6) Keeping up with bank and business paperwork.

Yesterday, I managed to add ONE more item to the list: I discovered the most fantastic supplier of cabs and beads in Brazil who is willing to work with me and find some unusual pieces. Out of impulse I got a small lot of stones which I will be posting on my site for sale.

So I have to photograph and describe the pieces on a page, which I will try to do this week. In the lot, I got some gorgeous cushion shape amethyst cabs, faceted rock crystals, shimmering faceted created amethysts and my favorite stone, the blue-green amazonite from Brazil, both in rough large nuggets and smooth cabs. Yummy. None of the stones in this lot are drilled, but the supplier promised they can drill ANYTHING, even the faceted stones, if I want to. Talk about temptation.

Back to business, this is for you bangle-makers... This is the second time the core wire of a bangle snaps. The silver wire being very soft compared to other metals maybe not be able to take all the stress. So I am re-making the bangle using stainless steel wire, which will be totally covered/coiled with silver. From now on, I will recommend that the core wire not be made in silver, but yet in stainless steel.

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