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I'm Eni Oken, artist and author of hundreds of articles, tutorials and books in print and online. For over 30 years I've explored art, color theory, fantasy and ornamental design.

Certified Zentangle® Teacher

Certified Zentangle® Teacher

Stones to die for

Normally I am very hesitant about buying stones over the internet, because I like to choose the strands personally. Silver beads and wire are never quite a problem, but stones vary so much it's hard to know what you are going to get (and of course, I'm jaded after receiving a lot of junk in the past).

However, when I received a commission for a bracelet requesting specifically rhodochrosite stones last week, I ran to one of my favorite stone suppliers: BonitaCreations.com. I had bought stones from them at shows several times, but there were no shows in sight near my area at this time, and I could not wait.

Tentatively, I placed the order... To my surprise the stones were EVEN nicer than I thought they would be! The stones had lots of wavy inclusions (which in rhodochrosite is very desirable, in my opinion), with varied *luscious* tones of pink. The holes were even and the sizes pretty identical. Delicious!

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