Gemmy Bracelet

gem130c copy.jpg

A friend approached me with a very special commission: he wanted me to make a very special bracelet to celebrate the birth of his newborn child and the ties he has to his wife. He wanted to use some very gemmy-looking stones for a cuff, in tones of yellow and brown.Well..... I can assure you I HAD lots of fun shopping for this baby! I used an astounding 19 varieties of stones, including the highest grade of yellow citrines in various shapes, along with gradient citrine, champagne citrine, Madeira citrine, hessonite, spessartite, andalusite, lemon quartz, smoky quartz, champagne quartz, rare lemon yellow and rose tourmaline and best of all, the fantastic Oregon Sunstone (provided especially for me by one of my favorite suppliers, Bonita Creations).

The bracelet also has 14kt beads and 14kt tube clasp, and is woven with what seems to be miles of wire. It measures a little over an inch wide and is very soft to wear... With all those gems, no wonder!

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