YOJ 2005 Week 33

The theme for this week is "Fantasy" and I feel like once again I missed a good opportunity: after all, my former career in computer graphics was ALL about fantasy. I might still work on this theme on a future week.

Continuing on the Ring thread, this one was created for a commission: a stunning light green roughly faceted tourmaline bead is used as a focal stone, with a rather large turtle flanking it. (when I say large, I mean larger than the minuscule animals used before; the turtle measures 1/2" long by 3/8" wide -- 11x8mm).

I feel like the technique is getting better so I wanted to show the underside of the ring as well:


Turtle/tourmaline ring: roughly faceted tourmaline set in sterling silver wire and turtle. Size 7. Not for sale.

The stone and setting measure 3/4" in diameter altogether.

2005, ArchiveEni Oken