Spring Bangle with Coral

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I really like the way that the red stones (coral and carnelian) contrast with the shiny silver in this bangle. There is a a lot of metal in this piece, which makes it look very substantial and "important". If only I could get that metal effect in all my pieces!

The inspiration for the bangle was a garden, so I included little flowers, a bee and a butterfly.

Materials: matching oval coin and round coral beads, dark rust colored carnelians and small garnets. The silver  is a mix of Balinese cylinders and tiny Thai hilltribe stamped beads. The clasp is a navette shaped hook, with some of the most delicate filigree work I've seen around.

This bangle, as others shown here, is woven with more than 18 feet of hair-thin sterling silver wire. It measures just over 1/2" wide and fits 7 1/4" or smaller wrists.

Copyright 2005 Eni Oken

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