Honey Lavender Coiled Bangle

My personal theme for the piece is CONTRAST and VARIETY, found in these situations:

1) The contrasting complementary colors of yellow and purple;

2) The contrasting feel of the faceted transparent stones and the opaque smooth ones;

3) The different types of needlelace stitches used to frame and finish each stone: a scalloped edge between beads, laced half-caps on some of the larger beads and the diagonal connectors.

The stones used for this bangle are: AAA faceted lavender and purple amethysts, AAA faceted citrines, a hard to find ice-cube rectangular citrine nugget and also hard to find natural opaque yellow agate.


The bangle was handwoven with more than 38 feet (that's right, 38!!!!) of hair thin gold-filled wire, measures just under 3/4" wide and fits up to 7" wrists. Images & Design Copyright 2005 Eni Oken