Year of Jewelry Week 2

One of the participants of the YOJ posted drawings and sketches of "work in progress", and I liked that idea a lot.

After deliberating a bit, I finally decided to work on the theme of the week, Flowing Rivers. Here are a few sketches for a bracelet/bangle:

As I was working on this bracelet, I found myself adding to my original sketched design: for some reason the little animals were just begging to swim in the cool, opal waters. Note to self: NEVER use apatite again, even if tempted by its blue green color.

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The bangle is 3/4 inch wide, woven with 26 and 28 ga wire around thicker 18 ga structure. Blue opals, sterling silver wire, hilltribe beads and sterling silver charms.

2004, ArchiveEni Oken