Candy Carnelian Bangle

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Yummy, yummy, these carnelians look just like candy, woven together with sterling silver bali beads, connected by more than 15 feet of hair-thin sterling silver wire.

Orange used to be a very difficult color to wear, however, I found that jeans and tan skin go really well with it.

Have you ever bought your clothing to match the jewelry (and not the other way around, like most people do?)

The other stones in the bracelet are smaller round angel skin coral, rectangular chalcedony and tiny hilltribe beads from Thailand.

I developed these bangles back in the Summer of 2004, and this particular one was the first piece I posted in the very first ever Year of Jewelry, which started on August 2004:

For the first week, I decided to not go with the proposed theme, which was "music". I've been working like crazy making these coiled bangles for a few months now. One of the first ones I made had carnelians and dyed chalcedony like this one, but I sold it before I could take a good picture of it. So I decided to re-created it this week, and needless to say, it didn't turn out exactly like the other one. I also added light orange "angel skin" coral. Originally I thought coral was in extinction, but now I found out that the coral used for jewelry design is not in fact endangered.

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