Lesson 20: The Fairy House

fairyhousecoverIn this lesson, we explore organic compositions -- the kind that you find unexpectedly in the middle of nowhere, even in urban settings. I call these magical little natural gathers "fairy houses", because they seem so carefully assembled by Mother Nature. Learn how you too can find valuable inspiration in these previous natural settings to create gorgeous complex jewelry designs.

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In this lesson you will learn how to:

• How to identify natural gatherings even in the most urban settings • How to extract information from natural settings and convert ideas into abstract forms • Learning how to change your "design focus range", and find inspiration everywhere • Distill essential lines from any natural gathering to produce contemporary organic designs • Understand abstract compositions



Tools and Materials:

Digital camera or smartphone Tracing paper or painting program Sharpie pen and pencil Blank Journal or lots of loose sketching paper

More Info:

Pages: 23

Steps: 23

Requirements: You must be comfortable drawing, sketching or doodling.

You must be comfortable with one or more jewelry making techniques which allow "shape forming", for example silversmithing, metal clay, wire-wrapping, sculptural seedbeading, glass, etc.