Lesson 13: The Curve

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[one_half_last]Have you ever wondered how Jewelry Artists come up with new and innovative ideas? This one-of-a-kind tutorial series teaches you HANDS-ON, through practical sketching exercises, how to design new jewelry ideas using the techniques you already know. This is not just design theory: you'll be designing dozens of unique designs after each lesson.

This is the 13th installment of the series: after all that deep thinking during Lesson 12: The Book, we come back with some light and very effective design methods.

Have you ever wondered how some artists can come up with amazing sculptural and artistic designs for pins and pendants? Now you will too, with this eye-opening lesson.

Learn how to use the Curve to create exquisite pieces, while we continue to explore important Design concepts. You'll be designing so many pendants and pins you won't have enough hours in the day to construct them.

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Tools and Materials:

Blank Journal or lots of loose sketching paper Tracing Paper Sharpie Pen Pencil Eraser

More Info:

Pages: 22

Steps: 16

Requirements: You must be comfortable drawing, sketching or doodling.

For best results, you must be comfortable with one or more jewelry making techniques which allow "shape forming", for example silversmithing, metal clay, wire-wrapping, sculptural seedbeading, glass, etc.

Highly recommended that you have read and completed Lesson 5 The Heart, Lesson 11 The Cake first. Lesson 2 The Star is also recommended, but optional.