Lesson 10: The Butterfly



[one_half_last]Butterflies are so pretty! Of all shapes and sizes.

Butterflies and insects have been used as inspiration in jewelry design since ancient times. How do you come up with unique ideas for this classic design?

In this lesson, we start to scratch the surface of two powerful concepts: morphing and layering. See how the lovely butterfly can help you to start working with two of the BEST design methods (at least in my book) ever.

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Tools and Materials:

Blank Journal or lots of loose sketching paper Sharpie pen or Pencil

More Info:

Pages: 15

Steps: 15

Requirements: You must be comfortable drawing, sketching or doodling.

For best results, you must be comfortable with one or more jewelry making techniques which allow "shape forming", for example silversmithing, metal clay, wire-wrapping, sculptural seedbeading, glass, etc.


What people said about this lesson:

I really enjoyed doing these exercises. The steps are clearly defined and have purpose. Previous lessons are mentioned (and are available), but I was able to complete these exercises even without the prior tutorials. The ability to sketch is a pre requisite for this tutorial. Do not let this scare you. When one sketches, the eraser is a fabulous tool. The intentions and reasons for these exercises was explained at the beginning in an accurate and understandable manner. The exercises within this tutorial were easy to follow. The tools required are basic jewelry maker supplies and pencil and paper. Easy enough. This is a drawing exercise and I found it to be enlightening. By following each step, I was able to come up with jewelry ideas and conceptions. Designing jewelry starts with ideas and conceptions. I look forward to the next in this series. Posted via JewelryLessons.com


I was just thrilled to see butterflies on this tutorial. Let me tell you why. I was very close to my husbands Nana. She recently died at the age of 104! She really loved butterflies and I have been trying to figure out a way to honor her memory. Here it is! Thanks to this Think & Design tutorial I have started creating a line of butterfly jewelry. I'm still in the rough draft stage. But, every page here gives me another idea or refines an existing one. Morphing a butterfly & leaf is genius. And, one drawing gave me some great steampunk jewelry ideas. I can not say enough about how incredible the Think & Design series and Eni's Journal tutorials are. Thanks so much! Posted via JewelryLessons.com


...Had a couple of hours spare, opened the journal to the butterfly page and it was amazing the way I was able to come up with new ideas for the butterflies I had previously drawn! Fantastic! Posted via JewelryLessons.com