Lesson 07: The Equation

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[one_half_last]How do artists come up with so many designs?

Did you ever think that you could use Equations to create great designs? Well, it's not really math, but it's a very cool technique I developed based on limited conditions and variables. You'll be able to develop dozens of pendant designs using this method!

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This is what people said about this lesson:

This tutorial has to be one of the most inspiring ways for beginners or advanced designers to come up with unlimited fantastic jewelry designs!

All of the Think and Design Jewelry Series tutorial techniques are easy to apply and #7 is no different, it's perfect for those who love to doodle. Working through the tutorial step by step, drawing along as instructed and using the libraries created from this or past lessons, the designs seemed to materialise before my eyes.

Each step builds upon the last culminating in either simple or outlandish designs using as complex an 'Equation' as you wish by working through Eni's instruction of mixing and matching styles and shapes, then applying the design to more than one jewelry making technique during numerous case studies.

This lesson is laid out in a very logical sequence which would lead even those who think they can't draw/doodle down a new path of jewelry design discovery. I have found that these tutorials have enabled me to create 'fresh new' designs and avoid always being in the mindset of tweeking my previous designs to create 'something else'.

Eni has a very easy teaching technique, she keeps the designer engaged through good use of short steps/sections, repetative case studies, well thought out logical lesson progression, interesting layout and a bit of fun banter to boot.

I really do believe that the most important aspect to achieving the maximum results with this and any tutorials in this series is to draw. Relax, clear the mind and just draw. Have fun with it and you will find the fresh new designs just happen.

Overall I think this tutorial and the whole Think & Design Jewelry Series is great value for money (I am a Premium Member), it is like other jewelry tutorials in the way it can be used more than once to create even more designs,and it induces the beginner or even an advanced designer to create something 'outside the square'. Above all there is great satisfaction in and something special about creating and wearing your very own latest design. Eni enables you to do this effortlessly with this great modular design tutorial.

Review by BowerBird via Jewelrylessons.com


Tools and Materials:

Blank Journal or lots of loose sketching paper Small Blank Index cards Sharpie pen (Notice absence of an eraser!) A small Library of Fillers (see Lesson 2: The Star)

More Info:

Pages: 27

Steps: 24

Requirements: You must be comfortable drawing, sketching or doodling.

For best results, you must be comfortable with one or more jewelry making techniques which allow "shape forming", for example silversmithing, metal clay, wire-wrapping, sculptural seedbeading, glass, etc.





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