Lesson 01: The Flower

If you never tried the series, you should start here:

[one_half]flowertut01 copy flowersamplepage thinkdesignflowersample [/one_half] [one_half_last]Let's start easy: explore the FLOWER shape in ways you've never done before.

The first lesson of this series uses the simple flower as source of inspiration to come up with new and interesting jewelry design alternatives. Learn how to use an elegantly simple method to create new designs even from the most overused source such as the flower.

Through practical hands on drawing exercises, you will start to understand Radial Structure and how to adapt a design to jewelry making techniques.

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Tools and Materials:

Blank Journal or lots of loose sketching paper A vase of flowers or a flower garden Sharpie pen (Notice absence of an eraser!) A Digital Camera


Contents in this lesson:

  1. About this series
  2. Our inspirational source: The Flower
  3. About Radial structure
  4. Design Method: Shape Extract
  5. Adapting to jewelry making technique
  6. Case Studies and Examples


This is what we'll cover in this tutorial:

  • How to use a common object such as a flower as inspirational source
  • How to analyze your source object
  • How to understand radial structure
  • How to extract shapes as a design methodology
  • How to change only a few variables to your advantage
  • How to adapt your designs gradually to a jewelry-making technique
  • How to mix and match to form numerous design possibilities


More Info:

Pages: 21

Steps: 8

Requirements: You must be comfortable drawing, sketching or doodling. For best results, you must be comfortable with one or more jewelry making techniques which allow "shape forming", for example silversmithing, metal clay, wire-wrapping, sculptural seedbeading, glass, etc. [/one_half_last]

This is what some people said about this lesson:

This is a great lesson! Taking this tutorial realigned my thinking and was the reason I decided to purchase a premium membership so I could take the rest of the Think & Design lessons. First I was introduced to radial design principals which was incredibly enlightening. Then, step by step, I was taken on a journey that encouraged me to use the skills I already had to create a design of my own.

Each of us has a different skill set. My first love is metal clay then wire work. The steps to creating were a logical progression through simple drawing to incorporating the skills I already had. I would encourage everyone who wants to design outside the box to take this series. Your creative juices will be stimulated and you will be a much more creative jewelry maker by using these simple techniques. StregaJewellry via JewelryLessons.com



...there is no way to put a price on how wonderfully presented this tutorial is. From the first paragraph my creativity took flight. Eni is a fantastic teacher with a gift for keeping things clear and easy to understand while challenging my mind to go farther. Starts at the basics, building on each block until by the end of the tutorial I had so many ideas put down on paper I may never get them all created! Never again will I think where do artists get their inspiration from? It is inside us all just waiting for the right key to unlock it. Eni has given me the key. I can't wait to see what the next tutorial will bring me. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. Bandtrart via JewelryLessons.com



There is hardly anything left for me to say since previous posters have spoken for me! "Priceless" is the exact word I want to use, too. I have a year of art school over 30 years ago, but I was having trouble getting that creativity going again. This tutorial has a wonderful way of walking the student through the sequential steps, building toward igniting that creative spark...but condensed. There is nothing wasted, every single word moves the student forward. It is a tutorial that warrants revisiting every so often, whenever I get a creative block and need some inspiration. It would be easy to substitute almost anything in place of the flower, for variation. Anything in nature, or even manmade, could be an inspiration. I already save pictures from magazines and online that I find interesting and am looking forward to see how I can expand that interest. I would recommend this tutorial to anyone. I wish I had found this sooner. Thank you, Eni! Cleew09 via JewelryLessons.com



This tutorial series is part of the Premium Membership. As a self described tutorial junkie with no art theory background, I want to move forward and create my own designs. This series is exactly what I need. To get the most from the lesson, you need to get out pencil,no eraser paper and start drawing. Eni takes you step by step from drawing a basic flower shape to turning it into a jewelry design. The writing is very concise and non-threatening. As you continue with your drawings, you see them becoming more complex. Ones head begins to spin with ideas as to what jewelry techniques can be applied. My next assignment is to turn my ideas into a piece of jewelry which will be of my very own design. Thank you Eni for writing this series (just for me :))and getting the creative juices flowing. I look excitedly look forward to the next installment in the series. Christine via JewelryLessons.com



I got this material as a part of my premium membership, but this information has such merit that it is impossible to put a price on it. Eni Oken goes into such great detail about how to come up with your own designs and elements. It is something that has been so important to me as a jewelry designer and artist. The technique at jump starting the creative process is laid out step by step. Be prepared to draw and doodle. I agree that this is the one of the most important parts of the learning process. I have already used her technique on more that just her initial suggestion and have already created some new designs. The images are awesome. So much detail has been put into the pictures and drawings to really lead you through this process. Eni is an awesome teacher. I can't stress how much this lesson and the lessons to come will help a designer to improve. Marci via JewelryLessons.com


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