Why order through enioken.com?

When you order through any of the pages of my site enioken.com (including the blog), you are automatically added to my newsletter as a VIP BUYER. I often send bonuses, gifts and discounts to that special list of VIPs.

Also, the cart system connected to this site allows me to update files -- all the buyers who got their lessons through this site receive links to download the updated versions automatically.

Although I also sell my tutorials and ebooks through other channels such as Jewelrylessons.com and Etsy, buyers of those stores are not added to the VIP list on the newsletter, and do not receive updated files unless they specifically contact me to ask for it via email.  You should only use the Etsy store if you are an EU resident (read below).


How will I receive my ebooks and tutorials?

I use Sendowl.com as cart and delivery system, and I accept both Paypal or credit card without Paypal. As soon as your order is completed, you will receive a link via email. This link is personalized to you for this order -- even if the order expires and is renewed later, it is always the same link.

If you place a second order later, you will receive a different link.

Keep in mind that your links expire -- you have typically 3 chances to click. If you run out of clicks, contact me to reset your links.


I didn't receive my links via email!

Have you looked in your spam/junk folder? Because it is an automated email, sometimes your email service or program will redirect it to the spam folder. To avoid this, add sendowl.com to your whitelist.


My links have expired!!! How can I download?

Not a problem, just contact me via this page and I can re-activate the links again.


Part of my ebook is missing!

If you are seeing blank pages, or parts that should contain something and don't, then it could be that your download file is corrupt, or most commonly, that your PDF reader is out of date. Try downloading the file again to get a fresh copy, or try using a different web browser or updating your PDF reader. To get an updated PDF reader, visit the Adobe PDF reader page here.


I keep getting a refund, can't place an order here!

Are you an EU resident? Unfortunately this site cannot accept orders from the EU due to the new VAT rules started in 2015. You can order through my Etsy store -- click here to visit my Etsy shop now -- however, you won't get the same updates and bonuses that you would get by ordering here, unless you specifically ask for it via email.


Why aren't your books available through Amazon?

Look -- I love shopping on Amazon.com just like anybody else out there. Unfortunately, Amazon collects a huge amount of royalties, authors get a really small amount for each sale. As an artist who makes a living from my art and ebooks, it's best for me to offer ebooks through my site instead. I do offer some of my ebooks in print through lulu.com, visit http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/eni to find out the ones available.  Perhaps one day I'll post on Amazon -- but not right now!


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