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What is Zentangle®?

The Zentangle Method is an easy to learn, relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing STRUCTURED PATTERNS. The simple and elegant eight-step method was developed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, and is now taught and practiced worldwide. If you have never taken a class with a Certified Zentangle Teacher, then start with these two lessons. Even if you have some experience with art, don't overlook the basics. Zentangle has an entirely different approach to art. Even after 30 years as an artist and art instructor (and now Certified Zentangle Teacher), I always like revisit these two lesson every year, sometimes even sooner. 

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New to shading? remove that fear of SHADING

If you need specific Tangle guides

Learn to enhance your Tangled art

Go beyond Black & White and explore colorING TECHNIQUES

If you have explored the Zentangle method in black and white thoroughly, enhance your art with color and different media: 

Combining the elegance of Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas' Zentangle 8-step method with my own experience as an artist produced some of the most creatively valuable ebooks I have ever written. 

Ready for more advanced Zentangle Techniques and zia fun?

ZIA = Zentangle Inspired Art, which does not follow strictly the eight-step method. Explore ZIA and super advanced lessons here:

If you love everything circular, Radial and mandalas

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Explore other forms of meditative art too

Get more "Zen-flow" and de-stress with these other techniques that can be combined with Zentangle or used alone.