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Learn how to make beautiful wire jewelry • enioken.com

Learn how to make beautiful wire jewelry • enioken.com

The holy grail of wire wrapping: an incredibly ornate bezeled stone ring, without using solder?

This tutorial shows how to make awith a single stone (cabochon or flat coin bead) set in an ornate spiraled bezel. Holding the ring and its components can prove to be a challenge at times, but the results – are worth it!

Believe it or not, more than 750 photographs were taken to make this tutorial and only 50-something were used in the end. And finally after a lot of work -- success, it's here. Get ready: take out your tools, your wire, add a bit of courage and patience, because this one is fun!

This is what you can make with this tutorial:

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So Well Written: I love the design of this ring. It truly is ornate and Eni's tutorial is great. It is easy to follow and the pictures are very clear. The ring came out great for a first attempt. If you are experienced wire wrapping you will be able to make this ring. Thanks for the great tutorial Eni! Posted via JewelryLessons.com


What I liked most about this tutorial was the clear photos for every step. Every step was broken down into 1-3 sentences, which made it clear & easy for an intermediate-beginner to understand. I'd say if you have never done wire work, do not choose this as your first tutorial, but if you have a little experience making pendants & bails with wire, go ahead & give it a try! Be patient & go slow. Posted via Jewelrylessons.com


I love this ring! It is chunky but delicate, and artistic with an elegant flare. The tutorial is well organized and easy to follow with great pictures. It shows how to adapt the directions to a different shaped stone and is so versatile depending on the combination of stones you chose. I made the ring and was so happy with it that I wanted to try something different with it. Fun tutorial! Posted via JewelryLessons.com

Advanced but fun to make: I loved this ring design so much that I was determined to make it even though I was a beginner at weaving. The instructions are so clear you can't blow it in my opinion. Thx for making a complicated ring easy to make! Posted via JewelryLessons.com

So Pretty: What a lovely ring! As soon as I saw it, I knew that I had to make this! I was intimidated at first because it looked extremely difficult but with some practice and a lot of patience, I did just fine! There are tons of pictures and concise directions. Posted via JewelryLessons.com

First, this is a beautiful ring and it is labeled "advanced." The artist was not kidding... So, let me say again, this is an advanced project and whether you have wire experience or not, you absolutely must follow the directions and measurements carefully. If you do so, you will be rewarded with a gorgeous ring that WON'T BE IGNORED! Posted via JewelryLessons.com


Add some charms, beads or different shaped stones for a unique look:

More information:

Very Advanced Level: solid experience with wire-wrapping required

18 pages - 53 detailed steps
Materials needed:
  • 10 inches 18ga round soft wire
  • 10 feet 28 ga round soft wire
  • 1 cabochon or beach glass or pebble measuring approximately 1-1/2" by 1"
  • Approximately 25 1mm metallic beads
Tools needed:
  • Flush wire cutter
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Masking tape
  • Sewing pin
  • Ring Mandrel


"This was the tutorial that hooked me on wire work . I have used the basic concept in so many ways!!! Thanks, Eni!"
"My first attempt out at making the ring was a success!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful instructions!"



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