Chaos Necklace PDF Tutorial


Rich, chaotic, ethnic... You can build this with no glue or solder, only beads, charms and wire.

This apparently very chaotic neck-piece combines a variety of different elements: gemstones, silver charms, spiral bezels and silver beads. The construction may look hectic, however, it has a very organized and versatile underlying structure.

More information:

Intermediate Level: some experience with wire-wrapping required

23 pages - 63 detailed steps

Materials needed:

  • Two small frog silver charms (or other animal charms)
  • Two small turtle silver charms (or other animal charms)
  • Three leaf silver charms (or other plant themed charms)
  • 10” of 20ga soft round wire
  • Seven coin or flat oval gemstone beads ranging from 3/4" to 1/2". Note: beads need not be exactly identical.
  • Approximately 100 assorted 1 to 3mm silver beads
  • 10” of 18 or 20 ga round wire (soft or half hard)
  • Approximately 14 feet of 28ga soft round wire
  • 3 feet of thin chain
  • 1 foot of 24ga

Tools needed:

  • Chain-nose pliers
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Flat-nose pliers
  • Flush wire cutter
  • Brass Gauge
  • Ring Mandrel
  • Metallic hammer
  • Metallic surface or anvil
  • OPTIONAL: Small dremel drill with #60 or #65 drill bit (1 to 2mm thick)
  • Center punch
  • Hammer
  • Wooden block
  • Hardwood ring clamp

This is what people said about the tutorial:

Fan-friggin-tastic Necklace: Wow, I've just finished my first attempt at the necklace and I may never take this necklace off. Ever. My husband said that it is his favourite piece that I've created so far. And my 5 yr old scrutinized it carefully, and said that it met with her approval. :) A great tutorial, clear instructions, good photos, clear text. It gave a good understanding of necklace components, encourages planning, and has added techniques to my 'toolbox'. I was able to make substitutions to suit what I had on hand - the number and size of stones as well as the charms (had none in copper) and beads. I enjoyed working on this piece, and will enjoy receiving compliments too :) Thank you Eni! Posted via


Thank you Eni for this great and excellent tutorial, was amazing and I had fun, the tutorial was easy to follow and with all details, step by step, the pictures are wonderful!!!!!!! Thanks Eni, you are great!!!!!!! Posted via


Aloha Eni, Just wanted to thank you for creating this wonderful tutorial. Very easy to follow your instructions, the photos are clear and brings clarity to your written instructions. I bought a bit of instructions/tutorials from you and this is the first one I worked on. I'm quite proud of my finished piece. Thank you from my heart. You are very talented.  Posted via

I love this lesson... Can’t stop making these



Interesting Design with Lots of Possibilities:  I was attracted to this design because it is rather unusual with its large, fixed centerpiece attached at each end by three strands of chain. It's called "Chaos Necklace" but, in reality, is anything but chaos. The method of construction is very structured and symmetrical with the choice of charms and beads giving it a chaotic look.

I found the instructions are very clear and managed to follow the steps to create the frames with attached coin beads while adapting the design to match my own style and use of materials I had to hand. From what I've seen of all the other Chaos Necklaces produced by the community, no necklace looks the same and this is a big plus point of the tutorial that you really can add a lot of variety in there to make the necklace your own.

The technique for making the framework is really interesting and something I had not seen before. Lastly, don't expect to make this piece in a single afternoon session. It took me a good 12 hours to complete as there is a LOT of wire wrapping involved. That said, I loved every minute of making it and am super pleased with the result! Review posted via



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