Capped Bead PDF Tutorial

Enhance any Flat bead with an Ethnic-looking Wire cap. Beautiful earrings in a second!

This really pretty woven cap can be achieved in a second once you get the hang of it. Never again you'll need to wonder what to do for those last minute gifts.

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LUV this Tutorial! I have this tute! Eni, thanks for all of the beautiful & affordable tutorials that you have shared over the years with the many folks wishing to learn this fine art! Thanks! Posted via

More information:

Intermediate Level: requires some basic experience with wire wrapping

4 pages - 9 detailed steps
Materials needed:


  • 5 feet of 26ga round soft wire
  • 1 flat oval or round bead measuring 3/4" wide or larger


Tools needed:
  • Flush wire cutter
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Thick scrap wire or paper clip




Copyright 2004 Eni Oken