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Learn to create this basketweave bezel • 

Ever wanted to trap a faceted stone WITHOUT using any glue or solder? Wire wrappers have struggled with the eternal problem of how to wrap a bezel around a non-drilled stone. This lesson offers a solution which also solves an even trickier problem, to wrap a faceted point back stone. Although not easy to accomplish, faceted stones as small as 6mm have been successfully wrapped with this technique!

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LUV this Tutorial! I have this tute! Eni, thanks for all of the beautiful & affordable tutorials that you have shared over the years with the many folks wishing to learn this fine art! Thanks!Posted via

I almost had this down without buying the tutorial, but now that I did I'm happy I spent the money because there's a LOT of good tips in here that I couldn't have thought of on my own. Very informative, and very useful for someone who does a lot of wire wrapping! :) Posted via


This is a very straight forward basket weave tutorial. I have been making pine needle baskets for several years and was excited to see one in wire. Right at the beginning in steps #2 and #3 your given clear directions and SIMPLE Math to adjust your wire length as needed by measuring your chosen stone. The pictures have a light background which makes it easy to see the details as you read the directions. There are arrows and measurements in several pictures to better explain the steps. The placement of the seed beads allowed for easier wrapping by separating the wires. Step #23 was a nice reminder for binding off and adding additional wire lengths for finishing the wrapping steps. The added variations at the end, allowed me to make the design my own. Posted via


Here is a super cool idea:

Print out or make a tiny picture. Then cut it out round and set it inside one of these woven bezels, under a glass cabochon for protection!


More information about the tutorial:

Advanced level: working with smaller stones requires advanced wire wrapping dexterity!

36 detailed steps

15 pages

Materials required:

  • One 15mm round un-drilled stone (coin bead or cabochon, point-back crystal or point back faceted stone)
  • 12" 20ga soft or half hard round silver wire
  • 6 feet 28ga dead-soft silver wire
  • 15 1mm silver or colored seed beads
Learn to make this basketweave bezel around a cabochon stone. •

Learn to make this basketweave bezel around a cabochon stone. •

Tools required:

  • Masking tape
  • Ruler
  • Chain nose pliersFind it
  • Round nose pliersFind it
  • Ring mandrel or wooden dowel
  • Sewing pinPost an Ad

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