8 Classic Wire Weaves PDF Tutorial

Ever wonder how your favorite artists can create such intricate wire weaves? Creating woven wirework is one of the basic skills any wire-wrapping jewelry maker should have in their arsenal. This tutorial shows step by step how to work 8 weaves most commonly used by wire wrappers, so that you can apply it to your own jewelry!

Learn how to work these weaves

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Level: Easy

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Wonderful! You must grab a copy of “8 Classic Wire Weaves”! I do alright with simple wire binding, but I get lost in the weave patterns too quickly. I have tried wire weaving a few times, but never quite got the hang of it. I have much more confidence now after reading through this tutorial! It has very clear step by step photos for many wire weaving patterns that made it very easy to follow along. I was surprised to learn everything that I had been doing wrong. The photos were edited with great tips all through the process of each type of weave, too. This is one tutorial that I will definitely keep handy for reference with future wire weaving and binding tasks. Posted by Sundownr


What a great tutorial! This 30+ page tutorial has clear and sharp pictures with concise text and tips added where needed, making it easy to follow without spending a lot of time reading. I have seen several gorgeous rings lately that use wire weaving and have really been wanting to try them. Wire weaving has always looked way too complicated to me, but this tutorial showed me how easy it actually is. I was able to make eight rings using each style of weaving detailed in the instructions, resulting in a totally different look with the same basic ring pattern. What a deal!!! The wire gauge chart included is a bonus. I am really glad I purchased this tutorial. It was well worth it. Posted by Efloon


I've been making jewelry to many year to count! When I found wire weaving I was so fascinated. I started buying wire of all kinds and worked to figure out how to create this amazing look. I am so happy to have found this tutorial! It is very thing I wish I had years ago. This tutorial is very well written, easy to understand and has a lot of great, clear photos. I would recommend this tutorial to anyone beginner or even experienced jewelry makers. I've bought several other tutorials on wire weaving, this one is the easiest to fallow. I specifically liked the photos at the end that shows finished projects and points out what kind of weave it is. This tutorial will make is so much easier for me to create my own jewelry. This is a must have! I can't say it enough how happy I am with this tutorial. I can't wait to start designing my next piece with this tutorial for reference. Posted by Ginger Burch


I've been making jewelry for sometime now and have always enjoyed working with wire. When I downloaded my tutorial I could see that the pictures Were very clear and sharp, showing the details of all the wires designs. The instructions are concise and are easy to understand, . I really like this tutorial it easy to follow and you move right through it. Someone who has never done wire work could jump right in and do this tutorial with no problem, it's that simple to understand. The pictures go well with the instructions. I think that Eni Oken demonstrates perfectly each and every weave. Posted by Diana4776


This tutorial is a must have in your arsenal. I have been wrapping and weaving for quite awhile now but still find myself using the same weaves over and over again. Eni’s tutorial is a reference guide that I keep by my side all the time now. When I find myself slipping into that same old weave, I pull out the tutorial and have new inspiration to take my design in another direction. I have found so many different people asking for this information on my FB groups. All they really need to answer their questions is this tutorial. Even the most timid wrapper will find the value in this! I wish this was available when I started my journey into wire wrapping. I guess it’s never too late! Eni has always been the mother of all things wire and this tutorial is no exception. A must have! Posted by ltricci


I bought this tutorial because there were several wire weaving projects I was dying to try, but I knew they were beyond my current capabilities. But, hey, you have to start somewhere, right? As ever, the main problem was me, reading & re-reading, looking for the potential pratfall that wasn’t there! Once I got started and into a rhythm, my confidence grew – the pictures and instructions were just so detailed & clear. I particularly appreciated the helpful notes at the beginning and the end and the several views of the various weaves – spread apart & tight, back & front etc – such a help in checking that I hadn’t made any mistakes, and in visualising the different effects that could be achieved. Thank you for yet another great tutorial! Posted by Pat-a-cake


If you are new to wire weaving, it will help you to make each of these practice samples to use as guides when you are designing a new piece of jewelry. This tutorial is for the beginner and advance student, if they desire to add wire weaving to their jewelry creations. The instructions and pictures are clear and precise. I would recommend anyone desiring to do wire weaving to use this tutorial. With this tutorial and practice you'll be proud of your accomplishment. Eni, thank you for sharing this tutorial with us. I am appreciative of the time you have taken to do such a helpful and necessary tutorial.


Tools and Materials:

  • Any thick wire and thin wire to practice. The tutorial will give you exact specifications!
  • Wire cutter

Pages: 33

Steps: 64


"WOW! finally someone made this tutorial, way to go! It's a must have for a beginner!"


"A MUST HAVE in your arsenal"


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