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"After 30 years as an Artist and Art Instructor, I finally found an Art Method I can combine with my own work, follow every day AND help de-stress. YOU CAN TOO."
-Eni Oken

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I love everything I've gotten from you. Your e-books and videos are a "go to" for me. And I sure do see so much improvement in my Zentangle. Thank you sooooo much. Sybil

"Eni, I’ve loved your work and your tutes since coming to your wirewrapping materials years ago. How wonderful that you’re into ZT’s now!!
I have bought your shading fearlessly book and last night bought the gemstone book. Both are FANTASTIC. I had success with the first 2 gemstones I attempted! Thank you for your immense creative gifts as a maker and a teacher. "
Via email

"I really do find your artwork inspiring.
Thank you for providing these lessons at a price I can afford."
Cecily, via email

"Thank you for the wonderful lessons you offer.  I have several of your ebooks and they are so well presented and easy to learn from.  Your art is phenomenal and I really appreciate that you share your techniques."
R. H. via email


Sue Zanker said:

Which of ebooks do you currently own?: Tangling with Gold, 3D Tangling Overlapping Zentangle, Shading on Black Tiles, Shading Zengems, Vibrant Colour Shading, and Preparing Distressed Tiles. Total of 6.
Last night I was thinking about my journey with 'Zentangle', especially the meditational pleasure and calm it has given me over the last five years. Since 12th of February 2012 when I did my first (very crowded) tile, then looking at a recently completed tile, even I can see the growth and change, which has taken place in my work. I have received much help, support and friendship from people here in Australia and all over the world between then and now. However, of very significant importance are the books I have purchased by Eni Oken, so far I have six! To try and pick one specific book is difficult, as they are all much needed and loved. Probably the one which had the most influence initially, was the first one I purchased "Shading Zengems", because after following her clear instructions and completing my first gem, I gazed in astonishment, because it looked so good!! As far as I am concerned, all the books of Eni's which I have (6 so far!), follow an excellent format. Her instruction is definitely step by step, with an illustration in colour with each step. It is almost like having her sit beside me saying "first do this, then do this...." etc At no time does she 'presume' the reader should know something, she explains clearly and concisely at every opportunity........sign of a good teacher! In between instructing a particular subject, her books are full of "hints and tips", on tools to use and where to get them, and many ideas to do something slightly different in order to achieve magical results. Personally I love to work with a book by my side, which enables me to work at my own fairly slow pace, so Eni's books are ideal for me. If any Tangler/Artist is reading this, I do heartily recommend any of her books; patiently follow her instructions and your work will improve I am sure!

Eni Oken is a Certified Zentangle® Teacher