How to get your downloads

My ebooks and tutorials are distributed through a couple of different channels: 

The Creative World of EniOken ( 

This is my personal portfolio site and offers only my own tutorials for sale. Tutorials purchased there are delivered via Sendowl directly to your email inbox, instantly. The links inside the email expire, so we recommend you download your files straight away after purchase!

If you purchase through my website, you get automatic updates, bonuses and more. If you are an EU or UK resident, please shop through Etsy. 

Eni Oken's Etsy Shop:

This Etsy shop sells only my tutorials as well, and will accept orders from EU and UK residents. Tutorials purchased there are delivered via Etsy's download link on the site. Log into Etsy to download your files.

1) Log into Etsy. On the upper right hand corner, click on your avatar. 

2) Choose Purchases and Reviews from the dropdown menu. 

3) Locate your order. On the right side, click on Download Files. Download the files to a safe location on your computer. 

4) If you are using mobile or a tablet, then use this same process on SAFARI, this is not available through the Etsy app. 

5) If you are using an Ipad, wait for the file to open in Safari. Then tap the upper corner of the opened document and choose Open in Ibooks,  to save to your tablet. 

Keep in mind that this store DOES NOT update your files automatically. If you are not an EU or UK resident, shop through instead. and

These are two tutorial marketplaces with tutorials by several different artists, which I founded and managed between 2008 and 2016. Unfortunately, these two sites are no longer available. 

As announced extensively, after the close in June 2016, you will no longer be able to download your files. 
If you were a Premium Member at, read about your options here


Help, I can't find my recent purchases!

Are you sure you checked on the right website? Remember that delivers via email, while delivers via a download button link on the Etsy site.

If you just recently purchased a tutorial or ebook which is not available at Etsy, it is probably because your payment has not been completed yet.  Please wait a few days and if needed,  Contact me for help.