Gifting Lessons

Did you know that you can gift my ebooks and video lessons to a friend? The process is just a step more than regular checkout. It's a super good treat if you have a loved one who enjoys art and is distant from you. Follow these steps:


1) Add your gift lessons to the cart

Visit the shop page, and add as many items you want to gift to your cart. Don't mix items you want to buy for yourself; add only the gifts to the cart. 



2) Proceed to Check out and choose the "gift icon"

Proceed to the Checkout normally. After the notices page, you will see the page to enter payment information. Tap the small "gift icon" next to "Your email". 


3) Fill out the form with your friend's info

The form will change and show several new fields allowing you to enter your own information, the giftee's (recipient) information, name, email and even a custom message. 


4) Choose the date to send

You can even choose to send the gift at a different time, for example, the giftee's birthday or a special holiday. 

What happens next? 

You complete your payment and will receive a receipt via email. Your friend will receive an email with the link to download the gift, including your message. No information about payment will be sent to your friend, only to you. 

Note: all the information here pertains to purchases done via UK and EU residents must use Gumroad or Etsy