Viewing and Downloading Video Lessons

Treat your video lessons like a library and make sure to download your printables and videos from each lesson.

To download a video, you MUST be on a computer -- this will not work on tablet or mobile. 

1) Use your link and passkey to access the video page

Use the link and passkey that was given to you when you got your lesson to view the colorful online protected page. Enter your passkey.



2) View the Hi-Rez Video lesson

When you access the video lesson page, you will see a large high quality video on the screen. Don't try to download that one, it is huge! Instead, use the smaller link located directly under the video where it says "DOWNLOAD VIDEO".


3) View and Download the smaller size video

Depending on which type of browser you're using, you can download the video in different ways: 


a) You click on the link and download starts immediately. 

Just select a place to store your video file safely, and give it a name you can remember. 


b) You RIGHT CLICK on the link and choose to save the destination file

If the simple click doesn't work, then try to RIGHT click and choose to save the destination file. 










C) You click on the link and see a smaller version of the video.

If you see the video again, then notice a small down arrow on the lower bar. Click on this arrow to begin the download. 








IMPORTANT: the download starts with a generic name. Make sure to change the file name to something you can remember and also save to a folder location you can easily recall. 

Always backup your files! You never know when "stuff will happen". :-)