Downloading ebooks from

  If you bought a paid ebook from my personal site (also, then the delivery system is done in two ways:

1) Immediately after payment

A screen will appear immediately after payment is complete to allow you to download your files.

2) Via an email with a personalized link

If you missed the live link after payment, don't worry: the system will send you an automated email with a personalized link for you to download.

Just click on the link provided and it will open a web browser for you to download your files.

Be aware that the links DO EXPIRE typically in 3 days (except for the classic bundle and videos, which expire after one year).


I can't find the download email!

Since it is an automated email, sometimes your email service will re-routed it to the spam or promotions folder. This is especially true if you are reading your email on the web and you have a gmail account.

LOOK THROUGH YOUR SPAM FOLDER, and remember to add to your whitelist or click on "this is not spam" to teach your email reader about it.


I found the email, but I can't click on the link!

Some email readers will strip off the clickable aspect of the personalized link for your security. If that happens, then carefully CUT AND PASTE the entire link into a web browser.


I found the email, but the links have expired.

Not a problem, just contact me through this helpdesk and I can reactivate the link expiration at any time for you.


I was supposed to get a free bonus but it's not included in the download.

If your ebook included a free bonus, then it's either going to be included in your downloads as part of the bundle, or IT WILL COME IN A SEPARATE EMAIL. This depends on the type of offer and bundle. If a second email did not arrive to you with the bonus, then search your spam folders or contact me for more help.


None of this is working, can I still get my files?

Yes, don't worry, just contact me via this site and I have a few more tricks up my sleeve to help you get your ebooks!