How to Download a PDF on your Ipad (Ibooks or Kindle)

If you want to download your Ebooks on to your ipad so you can carry your ebook to your art table, follow these instructions:


Locate the email with the personalized link you received from this site. If you bought your ebook at Etsy or another venue, these instructions do not apply. 

If you cannot find the email, then look in your SPAM or PROMOTIONS folder. Sometimes email servers can reroute them there. If you REALLY cannot find them, don't worry, I can always resend them. Contact me here if you run into trouble. 



After clicking on the personalized link, a web browser will appear. The default is Safari, but you might have a different browser configured on your Ipad. Wait a moment for the system to fetch your files. It takes only a few moments, depending on your internet speed.



Once the system is ready, you can click on the DOWNLOAD button. You have a limited amount of download times to try. If your download limits expire, then contact me to get them reactivated. 

In some rare cases when as opening the files on phones or non-Ipad tablets, the device can choke and show an expired "0 downloads". Don't worry, you can contact me here to get the link reactivated. 



The PDF will appear in the browser. WAIT, don't close that browser yet! Save the file for future reading. TAP LIGHTLY ON THE DOCUMENT -- either on the top or bottom, depending on your browser -- to show the option to "Open in...".

This is how it would appear on Safari:

And this is how it would appear on Chrome for Ipad:



A small box will appear. Scroll sideways until you see the option to open in Ibooks or Kindle. Either one is fine, depending on what you prefer.


I prefer to read my ebooks in portrait (vertical) position. Notice how each PDF comes PERSONALIZED with your name, email and transaction number. If you need to contact me about the ebook, you can refer to that information!

If you got your Ebooks at Etsy or a different store, then disregard these instructions!

IMPORTANT: keep in mind that ideally, you should also save your ebooks on the computer for backup!

If you need more help, contact me here.

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