I wish to cancel my subscription to the JL Premium Membership service.

Premium Membership is a subscription service which was offered at Jewelrylessons.com. If you wish to cancel this service, you must do it through your Paypal account. Keep in mind that if you cancel your service you loose any benefits, discounts or price plans associated with your membership.

Follow these steps to cancel:

1) Go to Paypal. This will take you to Paypal's login.

2) Enter Paypal with your login information. Click on the "Profile" menu at the top.

3) On the left side of the page, click on "My Money".

4) Under "My preapproved payments", click on "Update". This will bring you a list of your Active subscriptions.

5) Look for the Active Subscription under "Eni Oken Designs, Inc". Remember, you may have other active subscriptions for other companies. Click on our link.

6) A page with your subscription information will be displayed, showing the initial payment, time period and recurring payment.

7) Click on the link "Cancel", located close to the top left side of the page. A popup asking for you to confirm will appear. Click on "Cancel Profile".

8) If you need to resubscribe, Paypal will create a new profile for our subscription.

9) Check to see if you received your cancellation confirmation email. Visit My Profile/My Premium Membership page and verify that your subscription has expired.