If you've been a creative person all your life but never really considered yourself an artist, then this IS THE course is for you. What if you could turn your doodles into glorious, framable art you can be proud of hanging on your walls, AND find inner peace while doing it? 

This 8 week course will take your art from doodle to remarkable by exploring the "Zentangle method", a form of art which revolutionized my OWN art after 25 years of artistic career. 

You'll discover how art doesn't have to be a source of stress, on the contrary, it can be healing and grounding. 

I'll share with you, through a series of videos, PDF ebooks and private group sessions how to transform your simple doodles into beautiful, elegant art you won't believe you could have created!


Ready to make your art remarkable?


Is this for you?

  • You are a creative person who doodles or practices Zentangle
  • You are committed to transforming your doodles into REMARKABLE ART
  • You have a Facebook account and know how to upload pictures
  • You have an email address

This course contains LIVE STREAMING VIDEO, plus downloadable materials. 

NOVEMBER 9TH, 2016 • 10:30am Pacific

IMPORTANT: When you participate in this class, you are also participating in a video recording. By participating in the class, you grant me exclusive, worldwide, absolute permission to use your likeness, your voice, your comments, images or any other content displayed during the video, without any further claim or royalties.

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Please read carefully before enrolling:

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection available, not mobile. 
  • This class is NOT available via mobile phone, you must attend on your computer, PC or Mac.
  • The Class Meeting will take place using Before enrolling, test the meeting app here. You be required to install an app on your computer. 
  • Upon enrollment, you will receive an PDF with instructions and the link to your Class Meeting. READ THOSE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.
  • Although you don't need a webcam, it is more fun if you do. The first few minutes are set aside for Meet and Greet. Also, during the Tangling session, it's fun to show your tiles to others via the webcam.  
  • You will also receive a list of supplies needed. Make sure you have all your materials ready!
  • The time specified for the next session is November 9, 2016, at 10:30am Pacific time. To find out when the meeting happens in your time zone, use this time zone converter as reference.  Make absolute sure you can attend undisturbed by children, family and other people for at least 2.5 hours. 
  • This class will be recorded, and the video will be distributed commercially for sale after the class is over. Remember, by participating, you are also granting me absolute, worldwide and exclusive permission to use your likeness, voice, comments, images and any other comment displayed during class in my commercially distributed products, without any further claims or royalties. 

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