What kind of jewelry designer are you?

It seems that most of the time, jewelry designers and artists fail to determine exactly what KIND OF JEWELRY DESIGNER they are or want to be. They worry about technique, about website, about social media, about CAD/CAM, but not enough about thinking who they want to design for. Think about it: Do you want to make one of a kind pieces, and sell them to exclusive buyers who will know you as a jewelry artist? Do you want to make inexpensive trend-fashion oriented piece which do not use precious materials and distribute through stores and boutiques? Do you want to become a fine jewelry designer and work as an in-house designer or even carry an ultra high end line of pieces?

Each one of these different types of artists is going to require a completely set of of skills in all areas: technique, illustration, business, and distribution.

If you are a jewelry artist creating one of a kind artistic pieces, then it might be easy to sell online, especially if you reach a clientele who knows how to make jewelry too (they can appreciate the work you've put into it).

If you follow fashion trends and want to distribute through stores, then you might do better by attending some of the store shows where boutiques and store buyers look for new and interesting designers to distribute. You'll also have to find out how to mass produce your goods in order to fulfill those larger orders.

If you want to work in-house as a designer, creating fine jewelry design, then you better brush up your resume and illustration skills, including some CAD (computer aided design). This could ultimately lead to a career as your own fine-jewelry design.

Those answers are going to determine everything you do --so find out who you are designing for first!