Choosing the Concept for a Fantasy World

The beauty of using computer graphics to create worlds and environments is they do not have to match our reality at all. All you have to do is make them believable through the use of good modeling, lighting, texturing and animation.

Before even attempting to start creating a fantasy world, it’s more than important to choose a concept, or an idea of the world to be created. Fantasy Designers and Computer graphics people tend to be under a lot of pressure, with tight dead-lines, thinking that perhaps the conceptual part is not really so important. Without a concept, the design will not be formulated in the most creative way.

While some artists are very comfortable with the notion of verbalizing a concept, others might need some help. A concept can be as short or as lengthy as you like: it could be a simple one-paragraph verbal description of the place. Some concepts can be very sophisticated, describing every detail in the project. Other times there will only be a general idea of what feelings the world should stir in the audience.

A good idea is to try to try to write it down. If the concept is clear, it will be very easy to translate it to words;  if not, try using just some adjectives. Some of the following questions might help to clarify the concept a little:

  1. Who are the inhabitants, who lives in this environment?
  2. What kind of species live in this world?
  3. What kind of living attributes do the inhabitants and other species have?
  4. What is the time period or style?
  5. What kind of cultural practices and belief systems do the inhabitants have?
  6. What kind of emotions will this world encite upon the audience?