An Alien Bouquet


This image was created in 1998 (that's a long time ago!) as part of a tutorial article for Serious 3D magazine. The software 3D Studio Max 2.5 and Cebas Optic Suite (for the flares) were used.

Every single object you see in this image was created using the 'box method', which consists of the following: create a box with 3 to 5 segments and modify its vertices and faces until it resembles roughly the format you want. Then apply the command MeshSmooth, which makes it look nice and smooth, with a very organic look. All the textures were hand painted especially for each model.

The branches can be created by extruding the faces out individually, and then rotating and scaling them.

The inspiration for the image was a flower bouquet. I tried to organize the various different elements in a way similar to a traditional bouquet of flowers, but using different "kinds of flowers".

Here is a sample of one of the textures which was applied (for the smaller plant elements).