Painting custom textures

In today's 3D industry, great value is given to organic modeling. Many believe that the more complex the model, the better the artist. In fact, a good artist does not have to create complex organic models to be a good artist and to show a lot of detail. Look at the following image, created for the whimsical interface of a game.

Observe carefully this image, which seems to contain a lot of detail. However, upon closer inspection, notice that almost all of the objects in this picture are either planar or cylindrical in nature. What makes the image look intricate is the overlap and texture work.

Of course, there will be times when the project demands specifically the creation of organic-shaped objects. However, the artist should strive to make things easier, not more complicated, whenever possible.

Notice how many of the textures in this picture were painted SPECIFICALLY for each model, that is, custom-made for each geometry shape.