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Certified Zentangle® Teacher

Certified Zentangle® Teacher

Umble and Zentwining

This week I became quite obsessed with drawing wrapped ribbons. I already like ribbons before, but after the Monster Aquafleur, I just wanted to wrap everything! I decided to try my hand at Umble, a tangle by Maria Thomas (see step out directions here) with a mix of Zentwining, which is a ribbon technique described in detail by Lynn Mead -- by the way, I really like how this gal's mind works, she likes to take things apart and put them back together!

1) Umble tangle

Sketching Studies on Umble and Zentwinning, by Eni Oken - enioken.com

I really like the embellished version, and the way the ribbons wrap around a shape as if it were gift wrapped.


2) Here are my first attempts at wrapping other stuff:

I really like this!!! And I haven't even reached the fun part, the embellishments.


3) Time for a little project:

Sketching Umble and Wrapped Ribbons - enioken.com

This is work in progress, still have to add the embellishments and shading. Reminds me of some sort of fantastical critter.


4) Can I wrap letters?

Sketching Umble and Wrapped Ribbons - enioken.com

I like the results, very dramatic!


5) Now for the fun part, can I wrap Narwal?

Sketching Umble and Wrapped Ribbons - enioken.com

Nice!!!! I like what's happening here, very organic.


6) Time to step up the embellishment:


Can you see James Christensen's influence? Especially the tassels!

(If you don't know who James Christensen is: under what rock have you been hiding? Go check my Pinterest board now to see some of his fabulous work.)


7) Ok, no more procrastination, time for a real project:


Oh my gosh, these details are SOOOO TINY (and the tile is apprentice size 4.5x4.5 inches), how am I ever going to shade this?


8) Started shading....


Instead of focusing on the little details, I worked the larger masses.


9) Finished shading!!!

Sketching Umble and Wrapped Ribbons - enioken.com

Wow, this was fun and challenging. Very very small, I needed magnifying glasses.

Some of the tangles you will find here: Umble, Zenith, Adente, Tri-roda, Abundies, Printemps.

And that's it for now!


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