Think & Design Jewelry bundle

Learn how to design your own style jewelry with this amazing sketching and design series developed by Eni Oken.

Think & Design Jewelry is a series developed to provide jewelry makers with essential design basics they need to have before reaching the benchwork.

Never suffer from artist block again

During my entire life as a jewelry artist, I never once suffered from "artist block". Why? Because I got into the habit of sketching designs and ideas into journals which I kept as my most precious treasure, from a very early age. Whenever I reached one of those "blank moments", I'd reach out to my journals and find a trove of undeveloped ideas to work with.

How can you do that, where does one start? This series is going to help you to find so much inspiration -- with sketching exercises based on your own skills and surroundings -- you are going to wonder how did you ever go through a block before.

Thousands of jewelry makers have downloaded lessons from this collection and 93% come back for more!

This important collection is now available as a bundle for a discounted price. Twenty lessons will take you through the basics of composition, design methods, inspirational tips, layering and much, much more.

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Aside from helping you to find inspiration, the series will also teach you VALUABLE design concepts that will help you to refine your designs to true level of professionalism.

"Designs materialize before my eyes"

"This is the most important collection I have ever bought, it taught me more than art school"

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