Overlapping Arches

I was thinking about a discussion with one of members of my Shading Zentangle® Facebook Group about layers and overlap. I have written so much about this topic (jewelry design, texture and fantasy design) that sometimes I forget how important it is. It's one of THE most important concepts to learn if you want to reach great 3D effects in your art. It just so happens that the piece I just finished has a lot of overlap:

The lineart shows overlap, but everything seems jumbled and confusing at first:

Overlap to create great depth - enioken.com

I used Zentwining, 3DOpus, Narwal, Adente, Molecular Windfarm, Printemps and others that I don't know the name.


After some shading, you can start to make sense of the overlapping layers:

Overlap to create great depth - enioken.com

I used Copic markers to create an underglaze shading, Prismacolor colored pencils, regular HB graphite pencil and white gel pen.


The final picture, measuring 5x7 inches. Although busy, it makes more sense due to coloring and shading:

Overlap to create great depth - enioken.com

Copyright 2015 Eni Oken


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