New Think & Design Website is almost ready!

The newest addition to the JewelryLessons and Eazy Communities group is almost ready: a little special corner for the Think & Design Jewelry series. Here you can download back issues of the series and take advantage of a good discount. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the site: there is a lot of high technology behind it.

We decided to completely eliminate the login for users who download here. Enough logins and remembering passwords, too much trouble. While we can't make that kind of change for the main JL website, it was a little simpler to do with this one. So when you purchase a PDF here, the links are presented to you immediately after purchase AND they are also sent to you via email.

How is that possibly secure? We use state-of-the-art delivery services such as Mailchimp, Mandrill and Digioh to make sure that your email is confirmed delivered and opened.

We are currently in Beta, meaning that the site is brand new and still changing a bit. Let me know if you run into any trouble, or if you have any suggestions.



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