Emerald Encrusted Leaf

Developed by Denise Williams







This is what Denise said about her project:

I absolutely love leaves and I was very excited about getting into this tutorial. I was traveling with my husband in our caravan down in the Snowy Mountains region when this tutorial arrived. As it is an alpine region there were many trees that were not familiar to me with leaves of different shapes, colours and sizes, there was inspiration everywhere! It is difficult to pinpoint how this design transpired, the prompting in the lesson proper definitely assists my thought process and drawing as instructed I find essential. I had already completed the first section of the lesson by drawing up the very basic leaf shapes I had collected and photographed, and I had chosen the leaf I was going to work with before having to leave the tutorial for several days. We were going mountain climbing!

Driving in the car I had hours to daydream about my leaf and I really loved the rounded shape and the indented or wavy edges. Idly keeping this in mind I tried to think of a way to recreate the leaf with a jewellery making technique that would give me the scalloped edges. I remember the idea of the scrolled pieces of wire meeting at the top and woven together came to me in the car a few days later and I quickly drew it down on a piece of paper. The construction eluded me at this stage. It was when I went back to the tutorial and drew the design in my journal while thinking methodically through the construction it all just came together.

I thought of a water drop on the leaf and drew the cabochon, then knew it would have to be attached with wire, this wire covered with what, yes, beads of different sizes, ok, drawing, drawing, it was looking a bit lumpy on top, more beads required to smooth this out hence moving out over the leaf, now looking good but not too many beads that they covered up  all the wirework,  yes, I loved the effect of the skeleton of the leaf showing through and the rich encrusted covering.  Oh! I loved everything about my brand new leaf design inspired by Eni’s tutorial!

As I was impatient to make the leaf and didn’t have a cabochon to suit, I used the crystal roundels and seed beads to basically shade in the colour of the leaf to enhance the design. The end result it is exactly as I imagined. I still have the option to use a cabochon and make the shape a little more stylized for a different look next project!

Take a look at these variations Denise created:








About Denise Williams

Hello, my name is Denise Williams and I live in Alstonville, New South Wales on the east coast of Australia. I fell in love with jewellery making in 2005 while beading the bodice of my wedding dress. I first went through the stringing phase and the bead buying addiction and then knew that there was much more I wanted to achieve. I went on to do classes in Precious Metal Clay and Glass Fusing. I was a Tutor with The ArTTable for a time in 2006 where I learned some wire working techniques and to make French beaded flowers. Also during this time my sister Geraldine actively encouraged and supported me in reaching my goals in the jewellery making field. Up until 2009 I had been creating my own designs and teaching myself new techniques through buying and borrowing books but then I discovered ‘Jewelry Lessons’ after reading about Eni Oken in an article in a beading magazine. Joining ‘Jewelry Lessons’ and making jewellery through the tutorial process and learning many new techniques has really improved the quality of the jewellery I am making. Becoming a Premium member and participating in the ‘Think & Design Jewelry’ series has taken my ability to design and construct jewellery to an entirely new level. I am amazed each month at the fresh new designs I have been able to achieve through Eni’s well written, inspirational series. The amazing thing about my jewellery journey is that I have been doing all of this while travelling around Australia for the past 7 years accumulating thousands of photographs of my favourite inspirational source - nature. I now plan to settle down, utilise this inspiration and concentrate on selling my jewellery through my business Jewellery Artworks and here on JewelryLessons.com as Bower Bird.


Denise's fantastic work focuses on the the following Lesson of the Think & Design Jewelry series:




Lesson 8: The Leaf

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