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I'm Eni Oken, artist and author of hundreds of articles, tutorials and books in print and online. For over 30 years I've explored art, color theory, fantasy and ornamental design.

Certified Zentangle® Teacher

Certified Zentangle® Teacher

Online Radio Show: You are invited!

I will be giving a live interview this coming Sunday: a review of work and discussion about the new JewelryLessons.com site on The Jewelry Connection, which is an online radio talk show for jewelry artisans run by Mona Hair.

Date: February 15th, 2009
Show Time: 12pm PST - 2pm CST - 3pm EST 9pm in most of Europe, 8pm in the UK
Location: http://www.nowlive.com/showid/63074

When you go to the site, slide the Open Audio bar to the far left upon entering the broadcast room. Hit F5 on your keyboard to reset the broadcast room if videos won't load from the media files. F5 usually fixes anything that isn't functioning properly for you! Click on the media tab at top left in the broadcast room to open a double panel of videos and pictures that are already viewable there!


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