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Although I have always been against the littering of websites by advertisement, the reality of today's economy inevitably knocks on all doors: ads support websites and the financial cost it takes to maintain them. So, I am opening the site for advertisement situations. Hopefully these ads will be placed in locations where they will not be too obtrusive for users, but still very valuable for advertisers.

The first series of ads is from Project Wonderful, where advertisers can bid (yes, like an auction!) for the ad spots. This initial block of ads is placed at the footer of the site and present in almost every single page of (we are talking thousands of actual pages and currently 50 thousand visitors per month).

Although the footer does not seem like prime real-estate, remember this: when members COMMENT on gallery, questions, tips and tutorials of this site, they are required to scroll down to post comments, so they WILL see the ads. When non-registered visitors READ those comments, they tend to read the entire thread and WILL see the ads as well.

If you are interested in becoming an advertiser, there is a small link below the ads which will take you to Project Wonderful site. (This is also an excellent tip if you are interested in offering advertisement on your own blog or site). Here is a direct link to bid on these spots: ads.

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