Identify Rocks!

A very interesting free tutorial created by Shelby Raymond on how to identify rocks in the wild. This is an unusual tutorial since it is not a step by step, but yet sort of a guide of sorts on the properties of rocks. This is how she describes the tutorial:

Identify Rocks! by Shelby Raymond:
"This tutorial will help you identify rocks "in the wild". I'm constantly on the lookout for cool new rocks and gems to incorporate into my jewelry. I'm also a lapidary and collect rocks and minerals. I enjoy finding, cutting, shaping and polishing my own rocks. Being aware of the properties of different stones will also help you when you buy beads by enabling you to determine whether or not the description is accurate and if they're worth what the seller is charging for them. It's also handy to know about the rocks and minerals in your jewelry when it comes time to sell!"

The tutorial is available for FREE at Identify Rocks!

2008, ArchiveEni Oken