12-Month Jewelry Making Subscription

To create remarkable jewelry, you need to: 

  1. Learn how to master skillful jewelry-making technique;

  2. Learn how to understand jewelry design, and how to THINK about new ideas creatively;

  3. Inspiration from a jewelry artist teacher.

With this subscription, you get all three! You'll receive 54 jewelry making tutorials, carefully spaced out so that you learn the techniques gradually; you also learn how to THINK creatively, developing design skills that will help you to come up with new ideas; and finally, you get a peek into my private jewelry journals, which contain hundreds of sketches and ideas to spark your imagination. 

This subscription lasts for 12 months and includes: 

  • The entire collection of my jewelry making tutorials (54 pdf tutorials)

  • The entire Think & Design Jewelry series (20 pdf ebooks)

  • All of my published Creative Journals (34 pdf ebooks)


Lessons are spaced out through 12 months -- your collection increases gradually!


Take a peek at all the downloads you'll get:

Eni Oken's Jewelry Tutorials

My wirewrapping tutorials have taught and inspired thousands of amazing jewelry makers online. Learn how to use fine silver wire to create spectacularly complex designs using wire, stones and beads.  

Over 54 tutorials!
Regular price: $275 (based on average)

Think & Design Jewelry series

Eni teaches you how to come up with your own jewelry designs through practical sketching exercises, with this amazing tutorial series!

The entire collection: 20 chapters

Regular price of collection bought individually: $126


Eni's Creative Jewelry Journals

Take a peek inside Eni's creative journals. Thousands of sketches, designs, mini-tutorials for you to get inspired. 

The entire collection: 34 journals

Regular price: $136



Regular Price: $537

All this for only $39 every quarter, for 12 months.

That's 70% off!

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Here is the fine print:

Every week you'll receive a personalized link via email to download 1 jewelry making tutorial plus a supplemental bonus, part of the Creative Journals or part of the Think & Design Jewelry series. Tutorials are carefully selected as a balanced mix from Eni's Creative Journals, Think & Design Jewelry series and Eni's Jewelry making wire wrapping lessons. Subscriptions cost $39.00 per quarter, lasting 12 months (1 year). You'll receive your tutorials every week via email, for as long as your subscription is active. If you cancel your subscription, you links will no longer work.

Canceling your Subscription

You may cancel your subscription at any time by contacting me here. Immediately upon cancellation, your download links will no longer be active. Since downloads are delivered immediately after sign up, a partial refund of $29 will be granted only during the first 7 days after sign up. After that time, no refunds are granted.
Page updated: August 1, 2016

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